La chute d’une plume (pèse plus que ta pudeur)
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Open Source Movie : Technical

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Here is how to create and modify your own copy of the movie.

The production of the movie was made with the open source operating system Mandriva Linux 2008.0, it is important for the versions of Kdenlive, MLT and ffmpeg because the format of project files are not 100% compatible with newer versions.

It is therefore advisable to install the distribution onto the computer, probably in a virtual machine to not touch your current system, then add my source software site to obtain a version fixing some annoying bugs of Kdenlive 0.5.

The 1080p format being provided by default in this version of MLT, we must add the corresponding profile in file /usr/share/mlt.

Then, create a user "jose" for not having to change the paths in the project files of Kdenlive (yes it does not use relative paths).

Finally, put all the downloaded sources in the folder /home/jose/Video/plume, you’ll be ready to work.

System needed

The film has been created with a Pentium-M 740 (1733MHz, 2MB cache) with 1GB of RAM. as it is not enough to play in real-time the source images in 2048x1152 pixels, we have reduced everything to 720x432 pixels for the time of cuts, and then replaced by the source images for rendering.


The Kdenlive version used also includes some memory leaks that forced us to create a very large virtual memory space to avoid having to close and reopen Kdenlive too often. (Rendering full resolution (2k) required 4GB of virtual memory.)


Software list (all are Free):
- bash for scripting
- krename to get out of duplicated images
- mplayer to test
- gimp to correct images
- audacity to create the sounds and music
- kdenlive to do the non-linear Audio and Video cuts
- linux , xorg and the free driver Ati to work with dual-screen.

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