La chute d’une plume (pèse plus que ta pudeur)
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What is the license terms of "La chute d’une plume (pèse plus que ta pudeur)"?

This short is an open-source movie : all the files needed to create another copy are avaliable licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA.

However, the final copy given here, either the DVD or the HD versions, cannot be sold without our agreement : they are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND.

Of course, your can distribute free copy, and organise non comercial public shows.

The goal is that any comercial project contacts us before, or works from the open sources.

Why can’t I see this movie on streaming sites?

We have choosen to give as minimal quality a DVD version because we care about quality : a movie seen in too bad conditions does not get his chance.

Unfortunately, at the moment the movie is not distributed in cinemas, so we hope you’ll take the time to download it before watching it..

Can I organize a public broadcast of the movie?

Yes, as long as it is not comercial. Or, please, ask us before.

How to contact you?

At this email : .

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